10 Specialized Services to Offer as a Social Media Manager

10 Specialized Services to Offer as a Social Media Manager

Here’s what we know about the social media industry: Platforms continue to become more complicated by adding new features & prioritizing new content formats. Trends come & go, and user preferences & behaviors continue to evolve. 

Your clients' needs have changed, and you might be scrambling to keep up! 

The social media marketing industry has been shifting at a breakneck pace, which only makes things more challenging for those trying to stay ahead of the curve. This goes double for social media service providers who are offering full-service management packages to a roster of clients. 

Permission to not offer “all the things”. 

Being a social media service provider doesn’t mean you have to support clients on every platform, offer every service, or provide content in every single format.  

Whether you’re operating solo or as an agency, now may be the right time to consider niching your service offerings down, by specializing in one or “just a few” things.

Not only will this help you become “known” for one thing (which makes it easier to market your services & create streamlined systems) but specialization also helps you establish a “signature method” that you can charge more for – focusing your services around a specific result or through mastering a specific platform.

Before we get into the kinds of services you can offer, you should know that there are a few different ways to niche down or specialize as a social media manager:

  • Offering a specific kind of service & building your business around that. For example: If you wanted to specialize in Vertical Video for Social Media, you could offer video content strategy & production for Instagram Reels or TikTok. In this case, you wouldn’t include other “full-management style” deliverables, such as community management or copywriting.

  • Offering a specific kind of service to a specific kind of client. You can take things one step further, by offering a specialized service, like Vertical Video for Social Media to a specific kind of client, or businesses within a specific niche. For example, you can offer Vertical Video Production for Instagram Reels & TikTok to clients in the Wedding Industry. That’s getting super specific! 

  • Offering a specific “signature service” in addition to your full service management offers. If you have the support and resources to evolve your business & continue to get client’s results, then you can choose to offer full service platform management AND create a bespoke, signature solution that gets clients a specific result, too. Your specialized service might be a premium upsell to your full service management services, or you can offer it as an a la carte service. Of course, if you plan to support a roster full of clients, you will want to hire team members, or work with contractors who are specialists in these types of services. 

The goal of niching down is to help your business become a “go-to” social media service provider – to establish yourself as a trusted industry expert & stand out in a sea of generalists.  

It’s also a great way to simplify everything about your business, as specialization helps you to:

  • Create hyper focused marketing messaging

  • Attract a specific target audience

  • Develop streamlined repeatable systems & processes 

  • Offer fewer packages, but make a bigger impact 

  • Juggle fewer tasks. Less deliverables = less stress! 

As you build your business you’ll be able to create more detailed case studies, stay ahead of the curve, and create a more sustainable work environment for yourself and team.

If you’re ready to niche down and become a master – or you want to add a high value, premium service to compliment your existing offers – here are 10 specialized services you can offer as a social media manager…

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Influencer / Partnership Management

  • Creator / Talent Management 

  • Paid Ads for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Google, Pinterest

  • Vertical Video Strategy + Production

  • YouTube Management 

  • Podcast Management

  • Email Marketing 

  • Copywriting Services

  • Community Growth / Management & Social Customer Service