7 Services to Offer as a Social Media Manager

7 Services to Offer as a Social Media Manager

One of the best things about starting a social media management business is that it gives you the option to offer a variety of different social media related services. 

When you’re first starting out we recommend picking one or two services to offer that closely align with your skill set & what you enjoy doing most. 

As soon as you get things up & running -- you can scale your business with systems and team members, which will allow you to expand your service offerings & make more money!


Wondering what to offer as a Social Media Manager? Here are 7 unique services for your social media clients...

1 | Social Media Platform Management

One of the most common ways to get started offering social media services is by managing specific social media platforms for both individuals & businesses. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter & LinkedIn are some of the most popular platforms — but you can also offer to manage YouTube, TikTok & SnapChat accounts for your clients as well! Regardless of which platform you choose to manage, it’s imperative that you become AND remain an expert on those particular channels. 

2 | Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing continues to rise in popularity & brands everywhere are taking notice! By cultivating strategic relationships & partnering with individuals who have a strong social media presence, businesses can quickly build brand awareness & increase sales. But these businesses need help finding those partners & managing those relationships… and that’s where you come in. 

3 | Content Creation (Photo, Video, Graphics)

If your clients come to you empty-handed, you won’t be able to do your job successfully! Photos, videos, quotes, GIFs & memes are all necessary pieces of the social media marketing puzzle. You can either choose to outsource content creation, by working with photographers, videographers & graphic designers, or consider creating these types of content for your clients yourself. 

4 | Content Marketing

Speaking of content -- is the written word your love language? We share your passion & are happy to report that writing copy for brands is a highly sought after skill you can offer as a social media manager. While different social media platforms require different forms of copy, (for example, Twitter is short-form while Facebook and Instagram allow for longer captions), social media managers who are skilled writers can also produce blog articles for clients, to boost their SEO — adding Content Marketing as a service to their offer menu. 

5 | Community Management

Community management can be as simple as managing a client’s Facebook group or it may become a daily “customer service” scenario-- where you’re handling all sorts of requests and inquiries from the brand’s customers. You’ll practice social listening as well as engage with your client’s community on their behalf -- and this role usually involves replying to comments & DMs, seeking out & actively engaging with targeted accounts & helping to boost brand awareness.

6 | Platform Audits, Consulting & Strategy Sessions

Need a quick influx of cash? Offering platform audits,  consulting & strategy sessions (1:1 or with a group) is a great way to make money as a social media manager without any of the traditional management legwork like writing copy or curating content — instead you’re sharing your knowledge for a fee. You can charge a flat rate for a session & structure it the same way for each client, or charge an hourly rate for a more open-forum session like brainstorming, planning and problem solving.

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7 | Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great add on to social media marketing — they go together like PB&J! Since social media channels are considered TOF (Top of Funnel) your clients need somewhere to send all that traffic, somewhere they can house their list of loyal customers & have the ability to contact them without fighting an algorithm.

You can use Social Media Marketing & Email Marketing together to help your clients reach their goals even faster!

When deciding on what services to offer, think about which services & platforms will impact your client’s brand the most — getting them the best results.

After that, you can add in additional services that can help to amplify your efforts (& your monthly revenue!)