3 Ways to Make Quick Cash in Your Social Media Business

3 Ways to Make Quick Cash in Your Social Media Business

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Have you ever experienced the dreaded “dry spell” in your social media business?

When your client roster is slim & your inbox is at zero. (You swear you can hear crickets when you open up your laptop…)

What is this, the off season?!

In moments like these, when you have bills to pay yesterday, what’s a social media manager to do?

Instead of spending time chasing down your next full-service retainer client, why not try one of these Simple Service offerings. These are great whether you need to make quick cash now, or when your client roster is full but you want to supplement with a few “one & done” options.

Here are 3 ways to make quick cash in your social media business…

1 | Platform Audits

This was a trick I personally used when my business was brand new & I didn’t have many monthly retainer clients. When things were really slow I offered Instagram Audits to solo business owners.

This was my way of providing a solution for a market that couldn’t necessarily afford the investment of my monthly retainer services. Plus, by offering this lower cost option, I was able to work with many different types of businesses (those I may not normally work with) which helped me gain even more experience as a newbie.

This offer required practically zero planning.

  • I created a quick survey — you can use Google Forms or Airtable to gather information prior to the audit

  • I designed a simple graphic on Canva

  • I posted the graphic on Instagram & within a few Facebook groups filled with creative business owners

That was it!

I performed a full Audit on their Instagram accounts, going through each section of an Instagram profile to find opportunities for optimization. I’d check for areas where they could improve then I’d leave my first impressions, observations & overall feedback on a Google Doc. Each audit took me no longer than an hour & I was able to add an extra chunk of cash to my monthly income with very little additional effort.

Supplement your income, but keep it simple - with our Platform Audit template! 

Get the Platform Audit Template

2 | Content Planning Sessions

After an audit was complete, I’d send it back to the business owner & offer them an opportunity to dig a little deeper into how they could improve via a Content Planning Session. It was the perfect upsell.

The session was an hour long video call via Zoom where we would discuss the audit in more detail. During the call, the business owner would be able to ask questions & get more clarity around their goals, and they’d leave the call with a specific action plan to create content for their business on Instagram.

Of course, you don’t have to offer your live sessions as an upsell to anything else. You can offer these calls as a stand-alone service too!  

What makes offering these so simple is they require very little preparation or planning on your part! You just need to show up with your knowledge & ideas in order to help a lost business owner find a fresh direction with their marketing strategy.

Of course, another great upsell after an audit is a full strategy build which would require more planning, research & prep time — which would also increase the overall value, meaning you could charge a bit more!

Content planning calls & strategy builds are great solution for the more DIY business owners who need help figuring out how to use social media to reach their goals, but who don’t mind doing the execution themselves, or who don’t have a full service marketing budget to hire a professional month after month.

3 | Group Coaching Sessions

You can offer group coaching calls or online group training sessions to bring in additional income fast!

Generally your group calls will cost a bit less than 1:1 sessions, because it’s likely that some attendees won’t get personal attention. But the lower cost can actually work in your favor.  

Let’s say you charge $350 for a 1:1 session, but charge $100 per person for a group session.

You can spend 1 hour with 1 client making $350. Or, you can host a group session where 10 people attend & you’ve made $1000 in that same amount of time!

By offering monthly coaching sessions to a specific type of business owner you can share valuable information with more people in less time (versus repeating yourself over & over on 1:1 calls).

For example, if you generally offer your monthly services to salons, that means you could be extremely valuable to hairstylists who want to learn how to market themselves on social media!

By offering “social media for hair professionals” coaching sessions you can train this specific group of business owners to manage their accounts similarly to how you manage your retainer client accounts.

You could offer a series of calls, for example: 3 months of group calls for a specific rate, or ongoing biweekly calls that participants can pay for each time they attend.

There are plenty of ways to format your group sessions, but the idea is to create a simple way to share the valuable information you already have with similar types of business owners (who may not otherwise be able to work with you!).

There you have it — three ways to make quick cash right now as a social media service provider!

By creating a lower-cost way to work with you (in a one-on-one or group setting) you’ll open up the possibility to work with more / different types of clients than you would by only offering social media services.