How to Take a Vacation When You're a Social Media Manager

How to Take a Vacation When You're a Social Media Manager

They say “social media never sleeps” — but we’re guessing you do.

Not only do you savor those 8 blissful hours per night, but every once in a while, you’d also like to indulge in a full reset, compliments of a relaxing vacation.

When your business requires that your phone is always within reach, actually unplugging long enough to take that dreamy holiday can feel like an impossible challenge.

But listen up: It’s time to stop scrolling & start packing!

We’re sharing tips to help you finally get jet set, because you deserve a break. Here’s how to take a vacation when you’re a social media manager…

Give Yourself Permission

Before you can begin planning a real vacation, you have to let yourself off the hook. A lot of social media service providers feel guilty if they aren’t logged in 24/7, but that’s no way to run a business (or live your best life!).

Remember that you can’t show up & provide an exceptional experience for your clients if you’re burned out. Stepping away & allowing yourself time to fully unwind can often be exactly what you need to get re-inspired & reconnected to why you started your business in the first place.

Give yourself permission to relax & reboot, then come back to your business better than ever!

Hire a VA / Temporary Solution

VA’s or virtual assistants can be a simple (and affordable) way to offer your clients ongoing support while you step out of your business.

VA’s can help with admin work & oversee the daily maintenance of your client’s accounts. You can prepare to work with your VA by creating a specific list of tasks you’d like them to complete, along with an easy to follow, step-by-step process.

Batch Your Work in Advance

One of the best ways to allow yourself the piece-of-mind necessary for transitioning into vacay mode is to batch all of your work before you go. By getting ahead of your weekly tasks & using automations where you can, you can set things up to continue “business as usual” while you’re away.  

Once you’ve put your vacay date on the calendar, plan in some additional time to get your client tasks completed all the way up to the week after you return. That way you can ease back into work knowing everything is already taken care of.

Trust us, a little bit of extra work up front will be 100% worth it when you’re drinking mai tais by the ocean without a care in the world!

Prep Your Clients

It’s important to loop your clients into your travel plans as soon as possible.

By sending an email with advance notice of your vacation, you can collect any important information you might need to batch their tasks ahead of time.

Let your clients know the dates you’ll be out of office & make sure to give them an option for getting in touch with you, your VA, or another team member in case of emergencies.

P.S. Don’t forget to set up your vacation email auto-responder! This will remind your clients that you’re not currently “in the office” as well as let others know exactly when you’ll be back (& when they can expect a reply).

Train a Team Member to Cover for You

If you’re already working with team members, this is the perfect time to add a bit of additional responsibility onto someone’s plate & see how they do!

Use the 3-4 weeks prior to your departure to train the team member who will be “in charge” on their elevated job responsibilities & get them up to speed. This will give them plenty of time to ask all of their questions & get totally comfortable before you actually take off.

This is also a great “coaching opportunity” for your team member, so plan to follow up with them as soon as you return & offer feedback on their performance while you were gone!

Taking a real, stress-free vacation as a social media service provider is TOTALLY, 100% possible with the proper planning.

You work too hard to not give yourself a break & indulge in some self care every once in a while! So grab your calendar, check those flight deals, and start prepping for your next adventure…