How to Create Case Studies that Attract Ideal Social Media Clients

How to Create Case Studies that Attract Ideal Social Media Clients

Do you feel like you’re constantly trying to prove why the work you do as a social media manager is so valuable? We know firsthand that explaining the benefits & ROI of social media is something a lot of service providers struggle with – especially when your efforts are organic. 

Instead of wasting time trying to convince a client why they need your services, you can create a case study and let the data do the heavy lifting!

Case studies are an excellent way to highlight the tangible, measured results you can get for your clients.

Here’s how to create case studies that attract ideal social media clients and prove your services are worth investing in!  

Why Should Social Media Managers Share Case Studies?

When you share a professional, data-driven case study with a potential client, you’re showcasing your ability to successfully plan & execute a campaign or strategy that gets results.

And what do clients really want when they work with a social media manager? Results! 

Case studies are like report cards for your services. They display a specific outcome you were able to achieve for a client – including all the behind-the-scenes data & insights around their most important KPIs. 

At The Social Media CEO, we believe Case Studies are a better indicator of a service provider's strategic abilities than sharing something like a portfolio of graphics & images, or a revamped Instagram feed. While your visual aesthetic & design abilities are important, these skills alone don’t tell the full story of whether a business is meeting its goals on any social media platform. 

Your Case Studies can be used as a tool to build trust & establish your expertise. Each Case Study you create helps you communicate the benefits & value of working with you in a clear & highly specific way. It’s essentially a presentation of “what’s possible” when a client decides to work with your business. 

In short - Case Studies can prove to potential clients that you know what you’re doing as a social media manager. You can use them to position yourself as an expert – meaning you can attract higher caliber clients & charge premium prices!

Where Can You Display Case Studies?

Your website is an excellent place to house your best Case Studies. Here are some ideas for how to share them with potential clients:

  • Create a tab to display your Clients & Case Studies on their own page

  • Add them next to offers on your services page to highlight the specific services the Case Study refers to (example: you offer Influencer Marketing in a package and have an excellent Case Study around this service you can share to prove why it’s valuable)

  • Use your Case Studies as a “lead magnet” - have potential clients fill in a form with their name & email to gain access. This provides you with an opportunity to follow up with leads.

You can also share Case Studies during the Discovery Call, or when you’re sending over a service proposal.

And we also recommend sharing “bite-sized” versions of your Case Studies regularly on social media – these can be formatted as Instagram Stories, Carousels or Instagram Highlights.

How To Create Case Studies

We make creating Case Studies simple, with our Case Study Canva Templates!

Use these templates to highlight all the best information – there’s a section to introduce your business, share your client’s information, outline your case study’s specific problem and solution, and showcase your final results. 

This 6-page Canva template is easily customizable so you can include your own images and branding, and even includes step-by-step guidance on what to include in each section, so you can easily impress new & existing clients!

Snag your Client Case Study Template now & start showcasing the value in the work you do!