Why Every Social Media Manager Needs an Email List

Why Every Social Media Manager Needs an Email List

As a social media manager, you understand the importance of building an engaged audience on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and Twitter. 

Anyone offering social media related services knows just how valuable these channels are when it comes to visibility, brand awareness, and growing a community of potential customers & clients. 

This is what you do, it's what you sell

With a variety of platforms to choose from, constantly evolving algorithms, and new features rolling out day after day, we understand how tempting it can be to spend all of your time & effort focused on social media strategy.  

But hear us when we say: If you put all of your eggs in this basket, you’ll be leaving a lot of leads (and money) on the table!   

Social media marketing is amazing – but it isn’t the “end all, be all” when it comes to establishing trust, building relationships & closing sales. 

The real magic (and real $$$) happens when you combine a strong social media strategy with consistent, intentional email marketing. 

While we love selling directly on social media, we strongly believe that – as a service provider – you shouldn’t rely on social media marketing as your only means of client conversion, it’s simply too risky. 

Unfortunately, we haven’t met many social media managers who’ve prioritized building their own email list… but we are committed to changing that! 

Our mission is to convince social media managers that if your goal is to close more dreamy clients & make more money this year – email marketing should be at the top of your to-do list. 

Here’s why every social media manager needs an email list…  

1 | Own Your Audience

One of the biggest benefits of building an email list is that it allows you to “own” the audience you’ve worked so hard to attract with your social media efforts.  

The truth is, while we want to trust that these channels will always be there when we have something important to say or sell, we truly never know when a social media platform might change its algorithms, experience a glitch or a more serious outage, or worse – completely disappear! 

Imagine trying to fill spots for a new service on the day Instagram goes down for 6 hours, or during a busy holiday when paid ads are being prioritized and organic reach is abysmal. 

Selling services on social media alone is beyond stressful when you’ve got space on your roster & bills to pay, and therefore it shouldn’t be your only means of communication with potential clients. 

Owning your list gives you a direct way to reach your best leads whenever you want. You never have to worry about fighting an algorithm to get in front of your audience again – and if this isn’t an open & shut case to start an email list, we don’t know what is!

Not to mention, mirroring all of your social media marketing through email provides you with an even better chance of those messages being seen, possibly multiple times by the same lead, maximizing your reach & results. 

If someone has opted in to receive your emails, they’re likely eager to hear more from you – so why not start driving engaged traffic from your social media channels to your email list ASAP?! 

2 | Build Deeper Relationships

An email list is what we call a “middle of funnel” channel. It’s the next step after attracting new potential clients on “top of funnel” channels like social media platforms. 

Your top of funnel messaging is where you go WIDE. 

The middle of your sales funnel is where you go DEEP. 

There’s something much more intimate about sending an email to someone who voluntarily opted in, versus simply shouting into the social media void, hoping the algo-gods will allow your message to be shown to someone who randomly followed you 3 years ago.  

By sending regular emails with stories, tips, and news, you can provide value to your subscribers and stay top of mind. By consistently delivering this type of value, you can establish your expertise and build trust. 

When a spot opens up in your client roster, or you launch a new offer, you can more easily pitch to a list of people who have been “warmed & nurtured”  – already interested in working with you! 

Ready to build a list filled with dreamy social media client leads? The Email Starter Kit for SMMs is your first step!

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3 | Land More Leads & Increase Revenue

The best reason to add an email list to your marketing strategy? It helps you increase sales. 

Focusing on our email marketing helped us increase our revenue by SIX FIGURES in 2022. 

We are proof that by promoting services & launching offers on both social media and email, you can reach a larger audience and generate more revenue. 

The age old marketing “rule of seven” states that someone needs to see your message an average of seven times before converting. Therefore, sharing your promotions on multiple channels (and repeating those messages multiple times) can dramatically increase your chances of getting someone off the fence and onto your client roster.

If you've been consistently providing value to your subscribers through regular weekly or biweekly emails, they'll be much more receptive to paid offers when you do send them. 

If your current roster is full, you can build a waitlist of ideal clients – that way if something changes or someone disappears, you can send an email out to fill that spot more easily. 

If you want to offer one-off services like audits, strategy sessions & consultations, or even sell digital offers, having a list filled with people ready to buy these offers from you is KEY. 

Pro Tip: We always build promotional campaigns for our email list first, then drip that information out in different ways on our social media channels, not the other way around. 

We know just how valuable our list is when it comes to getting our message in front of the right people, and more importantly how much this channel impacts our revenue! 

And this is 100% why we feel every social media manager should build an email list.

It's a simple way to own your audience, build deeper relationships & nurture leads, and most importantly convert those leads into clients & increase sales.