Managing 5 or More Social Media Clients? You Need This Tool.

Managing 5 or More Social Media Clients? You Need This Tool.

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Understatement of the year: Running a social media agency is hard work! 

Your focus should be on providing an amazing experience to your clients & getting them results.

However, as many social media managers know, the day-to-day tasks of managing multiple accounts, reporting, and overseeing a team can quickly become overwhelming– especially as you work to grow your business by bringing on more clients.

Because there’s so much to juggle on a daily basis, the tools & systems you choose to support your growing business are incredibly important.   

That’s why we highly recommend checking out Cloud Campaign! 

This platform aims to help busy agencies streamline their operations in one professional, white-labeled dashboard. 

We recently got a chance to try out Cloud Campaign, and we can honestly say: It's the perfect daily companion for growing social media agencies. So if you're preparing to onboard your 5th (or 6th, or 7th…) client, you need this tool! 

Here are 7 ways that Cloud Campaign helps you scale your agency with ease…  


1 | Look Like a Pro with a White-Labeled Dashboard

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in business for 5 years or 5 minutes – Cloud Campaign lets you control what your clients & team members see with its customizable white labeling.  

Simply replace all of the Cloud Campaign branding with your own logo & brand colors to create an integrated service that says “We are a legit social media agency & we mean business” – right from the start!



2 | Streamlined Content Creation & Curation Workflows

One of the most time-consuming parts of managing multiple client’s social media is creating content at scale – but this platform makes the process simple & much more efficient!  

Not only does Cloud Campaign allow you to bulk import RSS feeds & assets from Google Drive,  but it also integrates with some of our favorite content creation tools like Canva and Pexels. 

If you want to keep the content curation process completely “in house” you can search for relevant articles to share via Google & even collect User Generated Content from Instagram – directly within the dashboard, creating an all around smoother workflow for your entire team. 

Of course, as your agency grows, so does your content! With Cloud Campaign you can keep everything zipped up with organized content libraries, allowing you to quickly sort, organize & recycle content based on categories you create.



3 | Scheduling (& Rescheduling) Made Simple 

Cloud Campaign helps to shave hours off of your daily social media management workflow with automatic posting schedules & drag-and-drop scheduling. 

You can quickly create recurring, automatic posting schedules for each client with just a few clicks– choosing the days & times you want to post on each platform. Then you can automatically fill your content calendar with the right posts at the right time using customizable content category tags!  

If you’d like to schedule content manually, simply drag & drop selected posts into the calendar, and their algorithm will automatically choose the most optimal time for it to be published. (Note: You can override this feature if you want to choose your own posting times, no problem!)



4 | An Approval Process Everyone Loves 

Make the approval process simple for your clients & easily communicate edits internally with your team! 

With Could Campaign’s Approvals feature, getting feedback is as easy as copying & pasting a link. Your clients can access from any browser, including mobile, leaving zero excuses for not approving next week’s content on time. ;) 



Pro Tip: Connecting your client's social media accounts has also never been easier! Cloud Connect allows you to connect quickly & securely to your client's social media accounts without sharing logins or passwords. A dreamy little feature if we do say so ourselves! 



5 | Manage Multiple Communities in Way Less Time 

Another social media management time-suck is community management. Toggling between different accounts & platforms to reply to an assortment of messages and comments can take… quite a while.

But Cloud Campaign’s built-in social inbox management software lets you respond directly without switching apps! 

Whether you manage one client or one thousand (eeeek), you can quickly respond to comments, direct messages, track brand mentions & do some serious social listening– all from within a single platform. This makes managing multiple communities much more efficient!



6 | Reports that Drive Client Retention

Want to impress your clients with clean, custom-branded reports on a consistent basis? With Cloud Campaign you can generate in-depth, responsive white-labeled social media reports anytime you want– and all with a single click. 

The reporting dashboard even integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics and Facebook Ads, so you can quickly make data-driven decisions without ever leaving the platform. Plus, you can use Cloud Campaign’s built-in insights to identify top-performing posts for each client & maximize your efforts in the month ahead! 



7 | Support from Humans, Not Robots

One of the most underrated features of Cloud Campaign is their dedication to customer support. We’re big fans of brands who prioritize customer experience, and their Studio and Agency plans come with a Dedicated Customer Success Manager! 

It’s like having an expert in your back pocket who understands the unique needs of social media agencies. This new social media bestie can provide customized guidance to help you optimize your workflows and unlock new opportunities for growth. Pretty priceless if you ask us! 



Despite all of these robust features, Cloud Campaign is extremely user-friendly. The interface was designed to be easy to navigate, which means you and your team can quickly get set up & start scheduling! 

Don’t get it twisted though, just because it’s simple to use doesn’t mean it’s not a powerful tool.

With Cloud Campaign you’ll have access to detailed analytics and reporting features, advanced scheduling, as well as the ability to collaborate with your team. Together these features allow you to streamline repetitive tasks, improve campaign performance, and deliver incredible results for your clients…  

Ready to experience the power of Cloud Campaign for yourself? 

Sign up for your free trial today!!