The Best Gift Idea for Clients & Team Members

The Best Gift Idea for Clients & Team Members

The holiday season is finally here, and we can’t gate-keep this incredible resource any longer… 

When it comes to surprising & delighting clients, employees, peers, and more –  our go-to resource is the gifting platform, Goody!

Whether it’s a gift for client onboarding, a team member milestone, or to simply say “thank you”, our recipients are always blown away by how seamless & fun the Goody gifting experience is.

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Goody curates the BEST gifts from noteworthy brands & cult favorites, so you can give your recipients a holiday gift that they actually want - no traffic, no lines, no changing out of your sweatpants required! 

Here’s how Goody works: 

1 | Choose to send a gift to one or many 

You can select a single recipient, or upload an entire CSV file of clients, team members or leads.

2 | Choose how you want to send 

Your gift can be sent via a recipient’s phone number or email. They’ll receive a landing page link that walks them through the process of claiming their gift. 

3 | Your recipient gets a custom unwrapping experience 

Goody has plenty of stylish digital card options & you can include a customized message inside. 

4 | Recipients can swap for a gift of their choice  

There’s no need to worry about picky gift recipients. They’ll be given an option to swap from a curated list of alternative options if they prefer something else.

PRO-TIP: Instead of choosing a specific gift, we usually choose a budget for the gift (ex. $50,  $100, etc) and let Goody send a curated selection of gifts within that price range!

With the “Recipient’s Choice” option, they can choose ANYTHING they want within the budget and we only pay the price of the gift they select, plus shipping.)

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5 | Never worry about shipping details again

When someone accepts their gift, they’ll provide current shipping information, and Goody handles everything else.

6 | Status updates & thank you notes all in one place

Track all of your gifts and see recipient thank you messages, all in your Goody dashboard. 

To take it one step further, if you use sales or HR platforms like Salesforce, Calendly, or Gusto, Goody can be integrated into your process seamlessly. So, you can send gifts for booked appointments with client leads, or automatically send a gift during onboarding, for work anniversaries, or holidays!

If you want to save time, while making everyone on your list happy this year, check out Goody’s Holiday Gift Guides for the best curated gift ideas for clients, employees and more…  

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