How to Write a Proposal for Your Social Media Services

How to Write a Proposal for Your Social Media Services

You did it! You’ve successfully gotten your lead to hop on the phone.

You nailed your discovery call, and they’re interested in working with you. Very interested… 

Now they want you to put together a proposal. GULP. It’s showtime! 

When it comes to writing a great social media proposal, you’ll want to keep in mind that it’s different than your social media strategy. 

In this post, we’re breaking down exactly how to structure a proposal for social media services so you can deliver them to your clients with complete confidence! 


1 | Introduce Yourself & Your Business

The first section of your proposal is a great place to introduce your business to your prospective client. Sure, you’ve already chatted with them on the phone & they may have glanced at your website — but this is your opportunity to formally highlight who you are & why you’re the right fit for this client.

You can use this section of your proposal to share your mission statement, core values, and any accolades or resume-worthy information. 

2 | Objectives

If you asked the right questions during your discovery call, you’ve hopefully gathered enough information to understand what your lead’s goals are for their social media marketing. 

These goals are how you’ll determine your proposal objectives. 

It’s important to position your objectives based on your client’s desires & explain how your services will help them reach those specific goals.  

For example, let’s say your potential client owns a neighborhood bar & hopes to use Instagram to increase foot traffic at their newest location. They also mentioned that their relationship with community members was extremely important to them. 

You decide you want to offer them a package that includes organic daily management, plus additional options for influencer marketing & paid ads — because you believe these services will help them reach their desired outcome.  

So, the objective section of your proposal could summarize this:   

<Client Name> is a quirky local neighborhood establishment that values its relationship with its community over everything else. In an effort to carry this important core value over to its social media channels, while expanding its footprint & reaching new ideal customers, we will focus heavily on creating & sharing strategic content intended to increase brand awareness & encourage authentic conversations. 

Our measures for benchmarking success will be focused around: 

CREATING BRAND AWARENESS: Developing content that adds value, shares important information, entertains & engages your audience, increasing reach & brand visibility through strategic partnerships, employing paid ads to target locals & those visiting the community. 

INCREASING ENGAGEMENT: Creating opportunities for authentic conversations with your audience by crafting compelling copy, using strategic calls to action, & organically employing native platform tools. 

3 | Packages, Pricing & Deliverables 

When putting your packages together for social media services, there will likely be a list of specific tasks, or “deliverables” that are included with each pricing tier. 

You’ll outline these specifics within this section of your proposal — sharing the package, the price & listing each of the deliverables included within it. 

For example:

Package 1: Basic Social Media Management

$xxxx / month 

3 Instagram Stories per week - create 3 weekly branded IG stories based on brand content pillars, design & produce story content weekly, post branded Instagram Stories Highlights on profile based on a strategic content plan, report on key performance indicators for views, engagements & replies to Instagram Story content, measure / benchmark analytics, etc.

This deliverable lets the client know you’ll post a quantity of 3 Instagram Stories based on strategically planned content pillars & that you will actively monitor and report on the success of that content.

*NOTE: When you’re putting together the strategy (after they’ve signed on & paid to work with you) you can share more specific details about the Instagram Stories you plan to share, why those will be important for helping meet the KPIs, examples of Stories you’ve created in the past, how they work & exactly how you’ll determine, measure and report on the success of this content. 

4 | Social Proof 

This is where you get to share your best client testimonials. Including some of the feedback you’ve received from happy business owners in your proposal is a great way to establish credibility & build trust. Similar to how you read product reviews from customers before making a big purchase, these testimonials can help new clients feel more comfortable making the investment in your services. 

PS. Including case studies with your proposal is another great way to highlight the real results you’ve been able to get for clients and prove the value of your packages!  

5 | Timeline & Next Steps 

You may choose to include a section in your proposal which details the overall project timeline, including how quickly your potential client can expect for you to get started & what you’ll need from them in order to move to the next phase.

This doesn’t need to be incredibly detailed, you can save that for your official Client Onboarding. For now you only need to include a simple break down of what a client can expect as soon as they decide to move forward. 

For example: 

Step 1: Choose Your Package

Step 2: Complete Your Client Onboarding Checklist

Step 3: We’ll kick things off within 15 days of completed contract & invoice

6 | Thank You 

Finally, you can sign off with a thank you section & include where they should go if they have questions. You can also choose to include any “fine print” details here, like when & how you accept payment, your preferred method of communication, and if there are any deadlines on when the proposal / pricing expires. 

And that’s all there is to it! 

When your next lead asks for a social media services proposal, all you have to do is draft the information above, then plug it into this customizable Social Media Proposal template! 👇👇👇

With this template you can easily edit on Canva. Just update the fonts & colors to reflect your brand (or your client’s brand!) and get ready to knock their socks off with a professional presentation!