How to Stay up to Date on the Latest Social Media Marketing News

How to Stay up to Date on the Latest Social Media Marketing News

As social media marketers, one of our most important tasks is to make sure we’re always aware of the latest social media updates & news. We need to keep our finger on the pulse of the industry. We need to know what’s happening with the platforms where we manage our client’s businesses. 

But holy cow, it can feel like a full time job to stay on top of it all! 

How do you keep up as a savvy social media manager? 

In this video I share my favorite ways to ensure my team & I don’t miss anything when it comes to the latest social media news… 

1 | Set up Google Alerts 

Create a Google Alert for terms related to the platforms you manage & you’ll get an email each day with related news on those terms. 

2 | Sign up for Social Media Marketing Newsletters 

Sign up for newsletters about social media marketing from reputable sources. Some of our favorite newsletters come from the team at Later, Hubspot, Your Social Team, Social Media Examiner, & Social Media Today

3 | Follow Social Media Marketing Thought Leaders 

Follow your favorite social media marketing experts on Instagram, TikTok & Twitter for breaking news, tips & ideas.

Since platforms like Instagram are always testing new features (which don’t roll out to everyone at the same time) we often learn what’s coming from accounts we follow—before ever seeing an official announcement from Instagram or Facebook. 

As someone who provides a service in an industry that’s ever-changing, one of the most important things you can do is ensure you have a proactive plan in place to keep up!

We are never “done” as social media marketers, and there is always something new to learn, a strategy to update, and a feature to test! But the challenge is what makes it so fun & interesting, right?!