3 Tips to Retain Your Best Social Media Clients

3 Tips to Retain Your Best Social Media Clients


It’s a simple idea, but one that’s often overlooked by a lot of service providers.  Maybe it’s just human nature to be focused on MORE. More followers.  More clients.  More money.  More, more more… 

But what about the clients you already have? What if you focused MORE on them?

It’s more cost efficient & less time-consuming to add on a new service, or raise your prices, with an existing client than it is to attract & sign on a brand new one.

Not to mention that by delivering a better experience to the clients who’ve already said yes, you can ensure they stick around with you for the long haul — which provides you with more stability & security! 

Don’t overlook clients who are right in front of you. Here are 3 tips to retain your best clients…

1 | Set Clear Expectations

It’s important that you set clear expectations with your clients from the beginning. 

They’ll need to know (in very plain terms) what services you’re providing, how often you’re delivering those services, when can they expect to hear from you, how you’ll measure & determine success & when they can expect to see results.

Once you’re on the same page, your job is to follow through & deliver on all of those expectations! 

While it sounds like a simple concept, you’d be surprised how many service-providers leave their clients in the dark as soon as that first invoice goes out.  

Focusing on setting crystal clear expectations (& delivering on them) will ensure your clients don’t question what it is you’re actually doing—communication is KEY! 

2 | Create a Seamless Client On-boarding Experience 

The way you bring a new client into your business sets the tone for the entire relationship—a great on-boarding process immediately establishes trust. 

I spent years perfecting our client on-boarding process and it definitely paid off, because our very best clients stuck around with us for years!

Think about you can create a seamless on-boarding experience for your clients, something that makes them feel supported as they begin to work with your business.  

3 | Get Them Results 

Obviously no client is going to continue to stick around if they don’t feel like they’re getting a return on their investment. So, it’s your number one priority to make sure you do! 

Of course, when it comes to social media marketing, “results” can look like a lot of things, depending on who you ask. 

If you’re providing mostly organic services, proving ROI can get a little tricky. 

But this is why it’s so important to (see tip #1 ) SET CLEAR EXPECTATIONS. 

It’s much easier to show a client how you’re crushing it when you both have the same goals. But if you’re on different pages about what success looks like, they’re going to wonder what they’re paying for. 

Make sure you create clear benchmarks & success measures that you both agree on—then do whatever it takes to get your clients those results.

A happy client pays invoices on time, without question. See, client retention really is stress prevention! 

And I hope these 3 tips to help you retain more of your very best clients for years to come…