How to Grow an Email List with Social Media

How to Grow an Email List with Social Media

Email marketing is a great way to build stronger relationships with potential clients & sell your social media services more effectively. The big question is, how are you supposed to get potential clients to join your email list?

That’s where social media comes in! 

You can leverage your existing social media channels to start growing your email list, while increasing the overall impact of your email marketing campaigns. 

Here’s how to grow an email list with social media… 

1 | Create a Lead Magnet 

One of the best ways to grow your list is by offering a valuable resource (AKA a Lead Magnet) like an e-book, template, or tool, in exchange for someone’s email addresses. You can use your social media content to promote this lead magnet & drive followers to a landing page where they can sign up to receive it. 

Click here for 10 Lead Magnet Ideas for Social Media Managers.

2 | Host a Contest or Giveaway

You can use social media to run a contest or giveaway that requires followers to sign up for your email list in order to be entered to win. Keep in mind that if you want to fill your list with high quality leads, the prize should be relevant to your ideal client. 

Giving away a one-time service that you offer, like a free Audit or Consultation, is a great way to subtly promote the service to your followers. After the winner is announced, you can follow up by sending everyone who entered a discount code for that specific service as a way to thank you.


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3 | Add to Your Link in Bio

Make it simple for followers to join your email list by sharing the URL to the sign up page as your link in bio. Include an exciting & informative Call to Action to encourage anyone who visits your page to sign up & stay connected.  

4 | Don’t Overlook Paid Ads 

If you don’t want to wait around for potential clients to find you organically, (we don’t call it the long game for nothing), you can employ a Paid Ads strategy to drive more traffic to your Lead Magnet & get more consistent sign ups. At The Social Media CEO, we’ve combined a paid strategy with our organic efforts and can say it’s been extremely successful in helping us grow our email list faster. 

5 | Promote Consistently & Share it Everywhere

Rarely mentioning that you have an email list, or only sharing your Lead Magnet once or twice is NOT GOING TO CUT IT. You should plan on promoting your email list as part of a consistent, ongoing social media campaign – and share that sh*t everywhere! Pin your Lead Magnet on Pinterest, post links to it inside your Instagram Stories, publish it weekly on LinkedIn. Make growing your email list a priority and be sure to mention its existence regularly!