3 Premium Offers that Aren't Full Service Social Media Management

3 Premium Offers that Aren't Full Service Social Media Management

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Are you a social media manager who wants to expand your offerings, without having to commit to more full-service retainer clients? 

Maybe you don’t enjoy the Done-for-You model, but still want a way to support business owners with your social media expertise… 

If your goal is to supplement your income & increase revenue with short term, less hands-on services, these 3 offers are the perfect solution. 

Keep in mind that in order to charge a premium for these offers, you’ll need to ensure they deliver exceptional value, while providing a client experience that goes above & beyond the basics.

Here are 3 premium offers that aren’t full service management. 

1 | Platform Audits 

Platform audits are a win-win solution for both you & your clients. This low-stakes, high-reward investment helps a business owner to quickly identify areas of improvement and opportunities for growth on their preferred social media platforms. 

By conducting a comprehensive audit, you’ll better understand your client's needs and goals, while providing tailored recommendations that will positively impact their online presence. 

Not only does this increase the value of your services as a whole, but offering platform audits also allows you to supplement your income during slower periods. Not to mention they can be an excellent gateway to other services.

After a client experiences working with you on an audit, you’ll have an opportunity to up-sell them on the “next step” – whether that’s a strategy build, VIP Day, or a full service social media management retainer. 

 Ready to start offering platform audits? We’ve got you covered. 



Audit Template

2 | Social Media Strategy + Content Calendar Builds 

Building a social media strategy should be the first step in your full service management packages (otherwise you’re traveling  without a map!) – but did you know that you can charge for this service outside of that, as a stand-alone offer?

Creating a premium social media strategy requires extensive research, creativity & advanced marketing skills. You’ll need to deliver a presentation that goes beyond your basic “content pillars & grid aesthetic” – but this is something clients will pay for even without you handling the daily management tasks. 

Additionally, developing detailed monthly or quarterly content calendars that include all the research, copy & hashtags, trending audio, etc is a huge way to provide value & save clients tons of time! 

Consider how you can take your strategy or content calendars to the next level. How can you elevate these offers so that they provide clients with the complete roadmap, instruction + other resources required for a full handoff?

Shop Social Media Strategy Templates 

 3 | VIP Days 

A VIP Day, also known as an "intensive," is a personalized, one-on-one session with a client that usually comes at a premium price of $1000 USD or more. 

This service can be done in-person or virtually and can take anywhere from 6-8 hours for a full VIP Day or 3-4 hours for a half VIP Day. During this time, you and the client will collaborate to finish a specific task or project.

For example, a Pinterest expert might decide to offer a “Pinterest VIP Day”, during which they would dedicate a full 8 hours to a business’ Pinterest account. At the conclusion of the VIP Day, the client would have everything they need to start driving traffic to their website with Pinterest. 

The possibilities for VIP Days are endless – as long as you can get it done in a single day! 

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