3 VIP Day Offer Ideas for Social Media Managers

3 VIP Day Offer Ideas for Social Media Managers

A VIP Day, or "Intensive," is a customized, premium 1:1 session with a client. This service can be done in-person or virtually & can take anywhere from 6-8 hours for a full VIP Day or 3-4 hours for a half VIP Day. 

During this time, you and the client will collaborate to finish a specific task or project.

Two major benefits for social media managers who want to start offering this service are: 

  • You can work with fewer clients at higher rates 
  • You can work less hours for the same [or more revenue]

VIP Days are designed to be value-packed & typically considered a “high ticket” offer. 

It’s the definition of working smarter not harder for both you & the client. 

This results-focused, time-saving support can cost a client anywhere from $1000 to $5,000+ USD, depending on the offer details. If you designed a transformational VIP Day offer & priced it at $3000, you’d only need to work with 3 VIP clients per month in order to earn a six-figure revenue in your business!

Your VIP Day offer can be priced similarly to a monthly full service retainer package - but requires far less juggling. By replacing some of your “done-for-you” monthly management clients with VIP Day clients, you could work less on the time-consuming daily tasks, while still earning the same – if not more - revenue each month. 

Here are 3 VIP Day offers for Social Media Managers... 

1 | Content Creation VIP Days

During your content creation VIP Day you can work with (or without) the client present to create specific content formats in an allotted amount of time. 

For example you could offer:

  • Vertical Video VIP Day - where you prep, shoot & edit a client’s quarterly content for Reels or TikTok 
  • Product Styling VIP Day -  where you design a custom set & shoot social media content for a specific product campaign or launch 
  • Event Content Creation VIP Day - where you attend an event & capture content in real time, on location

2 | Campaign Planning VIP Days  

Campaign planning VIP Days are a great way to knock everything out for a specific season or upcoming launch at one time. During this time you can work with a client to develop a campaign strategy, plan marketing tactics and even set up a content calendar for every day of the campaign. 

You can offer things like:

  • Seasonal Campaign Builds - to help clients plan for seasonal changes to their inventory & overall marketing messages 
  • Launch Campaign Builds - to support clients when they're launching new products & services 
  • Promotional Campaign Planning - to help a client plan all of their offers, collaborations, and other marketing tactics into a yearly sales & marketing calendar 

3 | Platform Set Up VIP Days 

This VIP Day focuses on getting a client fully set up & ready to begin using a specific platform. They can walk away with a fully optimized profile as well as any additional resources that will allow them to leverage the platform for success. 

You can offer things like: 

  • Pinterest in a Day - set up their profile & boards, designing custom pins, setting up automations  
  • Email Marketing in a Day - set up on their email service provider, create custom email assets, lead magnets, landing pages & automated sequences
  • Social Shop in a Day - set a client’s products up for online shopping on platforms Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok so they can drive more traffic with organic & paid content


VIP Days absolutely allow you to work less, but it's also important to keep in mind that - depending on your offer details & promised outcomes - the overall work may take more than a single day. 

In fact, what you do during the VIP Day is typically only 1/3 of the overall offer... 

VIP Days can be broken into 3 parts, Pre-VIP Day, VIP Day & Post VIP Day. 

What happens before, during & after your VIP Day will vary, based on the offer itself. The goal is to be strategic when planning the offer - in order to create something more flexible & less time consuming overall! 

Inside VIP Days that Deliver, we show you how to plan each part of your VIP Day so that you can provide an exceptional, premium experience to your clients! 



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