The 3 Systems Your Social Media Business Needs to Scale to Six Figures

The 3 Systems Your Social Media Business Needs to Scale to Six Figures

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It might not sound sexy, but systems are a fundamental component of running a sustainable, and scalable, social media business.

Setting up smart, repeatable biz operations is how you’ll begin the journey to six figures.

Whether you’re ready to scale right now, or you plan to stay solo for a while & scale with a team later, it’s imperative that you take the time to develop the foundational processes that you’ll use to run your business on a daily basis.

“If you’re too busy to build good systems, then you’ll always be too busy.”

Taking the time to get systems in place will create a sense of flow in your business — giving you peace of mind as your company grows.

These are the 3 systems your social media business needs if you want to scale to six figures…

System 1: Client On-boarding System

One of the most important systems your business can have is your client onboarding system.

This system is what takes someone from a potential client, AKA— a warm lead, all the way to the bank as a newly signed client.

If you’re already working with clients, consider how you currently approach the onboarding process. Does it feel simple & streamlined each time you start working with someone new? Do new clients feel supported & clear on their next steps? Do you feel organized & efficient while providing this experience?

If not, this is something you’ll want to address ASAP!

With an efficient client onboarding process in place, you won’t be scrambling every time an exciting new prospect lands in your inbox. You also won’t feel like everything else in your business has to come to a screeching halt when it’s time to add a new client to your roster.

If you haven’t started working with clients just yet — this is a great time to think about how you’d like your onboarding process to feel for those you will work with in the future!




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System 2: Team On-boarding System

The next system you’ll need is for onboarding & managing your team members.

Whether you plan on hiring your own employees or want to work with contractors, having a system in place to seamlessly bring new people into your business is critical.

Your Team Onboarding System allows you to clarify expectations & to make sure everyone who works with you feels like they’re set up for success. Similar to onboarding a new client, you’ll want to create a workflow that takes someone from a prospect all the way to a new hire.

You’ll need to consider how you’ll market your open positions, what the vetting / hiring process looks like & what the new hire’s first day on the job will include.

Is there a training process? An introduction to the rest of your team? And what sorts of important paperwork will you need them to sign? (Think tax forms or non-disclosure agreements)

As you scale your business & bring on a supportive team, having a structured system in place will ensure that everyone is on the same page, because you’ve taken each of them through the exact same steps.

System 3: Client Management System

The final set of systems you’ll want to have in place is your Client Management System. This system encompasses all of your day-to-day operating workflows that you’ll use to manage the services you offer your clients.

This is also the system you’ll be training any new team members on to help you complete client tasks.

Depending on what you do for your clients on a daily, weekly & monthly basis, the steps to complete each of your tasks will vary. However, what’s important is that you get everything you’re currently doing “out of your head” and physically documented into a repeatable system.

This is the first step to the classic, “working on your business, versus in it” scenario.

If you’re the only person in your business who knows how to complete a specific task, you’re doing it wrong!

Just consider what happens to your clients if you need a day off, get summoned to jury duty, or you come down with the flu?

This is just another reason why having organized systems & a group of exceptional people in place to support you is so important — especially if you want to scale in a sustainable way!

If you’re ready to escape the solo service-provider hamster wheel & want to build a profitable social media business for the long term, getting these three systems in place is a non-negotiable.