How to Transition Your Social Media Clients from Working with "Just You" to Working with a Team

How to Transition Your Social Media Clients from Working with "Just You" to Working with a Team

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You know its time to delegate some of the tasks on your overflowing plate. You can't grow your business if you don't. But you're worried that your clients aren't going to be cool with someone else completing the work.⁠

They hired you, so they expect everything to be done by you, right?⁠ If it's not, they're going to be pissed. ⁠In fact, they're going to be so angry, they'll probably fire you! ⁠

Cut to us screaming "calm down!"⁠ ... You're definitely overthinking it. ⁠

In our experience, clients don't really care who's doing the day-to-day work, they just want results. And the more tasks you delegate out to team members, the more time you’ll free up to focus on the things that will actually get them those results!

Here are a few tips for making the necessary transition from working with “just you”, to working with your team members, easier on your clients (& you!)⁠…

Give Them a 30 Day Window

Introduce the idea about 30 days ahead of "go time". Tell your clients that you're going to be bringing on additional help in advance of actually doing it. This gives them time to ask questions & helps them feel more comfortable versus just springing it on them out of the blue. ⁠

Sell Them on the Benefits

Share the benefits of your business expansion. Let them know how this change will HELP THEM. For example, with a team member taking over daily community management, you're going to have additional time to strategize & get creative with their campaigns. Having multiple people on your team might also mean their questions can be answered faster, or that you can implement new ideas in less time! Think about "what's in it for them" when you're communicating the change. ⁠

Introduce Your New Team in an Organized, Professional Way

It’s your job to break the ice & introduce your clients to your new team members. You want everyone to feel comfortable working together & avoid potential roadblocks with super clear communication.

For example, who should your clients now go to now with specific questions, what’s the best way to get in touch with this team member, where should your team member deliver content for approvals, etc. Make sure everyone feels set up for success by organizing all of this beforehand, then using an in-person meeting or video conference to relay information about the transition.

Pro Tip: Use this Client Onboarding Template to introduce your new team members to your existing / future clients & communicate any updates to your existing processes! 👇👇👇⁠