How to Elevate Your Client Experience as a Social Media Manager

How to Elevate Your Client Experience as a Social Media Manager

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When it comes to client relationships, first impressions matter. If a new client immediately feels supported through clear communication & intentional processes, they’ll be more confident in their decision to hire you as their social media manager. 

Creating a seamless onboarding workflow that moves a client effortlessly through each step of the customer journey – from their first inquiry, all the way to a paid invoice – allows you to gain their trust from the start. 

Here’s how to elevate your client experience as a social media manager…

Create a Customized Onboarding Process with Clear Next Steps

Creating a memorable onboarding experience begins with having your operational ducks in a row. Think about it – when someone reaches out to you to inquire about your services, they’re likely ready to hire someone – don’t make them wait around for a response! 

You should be ready to reply to every new inquiry in a timely manner, showcasing your next-level customer service skills and obvious professionalism – while providing clear next steps through each phase of the client journey. 

But if you’re currently feeling like you can't create an exceptional experience for your clients, because you're too busy flailing – or feeling like you have to reinvent your process with each new lead – these Client Experience Bundles for Social Media Managers are made for you!

Our Client Experience Bundles have everything you need to create a supportive client onboarding workflow, including templates to help you:

  • Showcase proof of your results via case studies

  • Share your services & pricing

  • Send customized proposals

  • Welcome a new client into your business

  • Deliver a social media strategy

  • Send weekly & monthly analytics reports 

These Client Experience Bundles include 6 easy to customize Canva templates + 8 additional Client Experience Resources – complete with all the swipe copy you’ll need to create professional emails, forms, surveys, and more! 

Get the Client Experience Bundle & say hello to stress-free client processes!



Use A CRM (Customer Relationship Management Software) to Automate the Process

As a service provider, automations are your BFF! They can help you save time and create smooth processes for anything you repeat in your business! Using a CRM like Honeybook allows you to easily create a seamless onboarding experience for your new clients. You can choose to customize every step in the customer pipeline, or utilize their pre-built templates. 

This all-in-one CRM tool allows you to manage projects, send invoices, set up monthly retainers, create contact form automations and so much more. Click through this link to save 35% off your first year of Honeybook! 

Include a Welcome Video to Formally Introduce Yourself & Inform them of Next Steps

While you’ve most likely had at least one virtual or IRL meeting with your new client, sharing a “formal” introduction & welcoming a client to your business operations via a branded video adds something EXTRA special to the experience, don’t you agree?!

You can use your Welcome Video to walk new clients through your Client Onboarding Guide, highlighting things you need from them, review their next steps checklist, provide details around communication channels, operations, or any other information they may need to feel totally comfortable & ready to get started!

Send a Thoughtful New Client Gift

Most of the communication you have with your new client is likely done over the phone or computer, making a tangible gift in the mail all the more special.

Surprise & delight your new client by sending a thoughtful gift. You can collect their gift preference and mailing address details via your new client survey – it’s a sneaky way to gather the information without their knowledge that something is coming their way!

PS. Our favorite way to send client gifts is with the platform GoodyGoody curates the BEST gifts from noteworthy brands & cult favorites, so you can give your new clients something they really want. 

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