What is The SMCEO Clubhouse?

The Social Media CEO Clubhouse is an exclusive Facebook community of like-minded social media babes. Inside The Clubhouse you’ll find an engaged group of other female-identifying social media CEO’s that are networking & planning to take their businesses to the next level.

What’s it like to be inside the SMCEO Clubhouse?

Well, at any given time, our group is:

  • Asking for specific advice about client accounts & getting honest, transparent feedback from the community

  • Asking tough questions (the ones you may be nervous to ask anywhere else) — think pricing, automations, strategy, etc

  • Sharing templates, proposals, & ideas for pitching and networking

  • Offering up support & encouragement

  • Talking about the latest social media updates, bugs & hacks

  • Sharing ideas over pizza, discussing the latest book club pick, and celebrating member birthdays

What is included in membership?

Clubhouse Member Benefits Include:

  • An Exclusive Social Media CEO Resource Library

  • Monthly Book Club

  • New Social Media Job Leads Sourced for You Every Month

  • Monthly FB Lives with Stephanie (AKA Virtual Pizza Parties)

  • A Network of Super Cool Social Media Lady Friends

  • (One time) Members Only Gift Sent to You in the Mail

Who is this group for?

If you’re a female-identifying solopreneur or a freelancer in the social media industry, an agency owner, a social media manager for a company or brand, or you’re simply social media savvy & ready to ditch your 9-5 so you can start your own business, this group is for you!


The group is for female-identifying social professionals only, so sorry men, you’ll have to sit this one out. Additionally, If you are not interested in managing social media for brands+businesses, then you probably won’t get much out of it. Lastly, we are a supportive & safe community, so no assholes please.



The Clubhouse is a one-time investment of $97 dollars.

You only pay a one-time fee to become a Clubhouse Member, but you can stay for as long as you want!

You’ll get the same benefits, every month, a Members Only gift in the mail & 24/7 access to a growing community of social media talent.

What If I change my mind or it’s not for me?

If you just aren’t vibing with our community, you can take your money & run within 7 days of joining. No questions asked. Just email us to request your refund. Keep in mind that you will not receive the gift if you cancel membership, we’ll send those goodies out after the 7 day probationary period has ended.

Tell me more about the resources…

The resources include an Instagram for Biz Bundle (a $70 value), as well as templates and planners to help you manage your social media business easier & more effectively. We’ve got email templates & training videos and new resources will be added from time to time.

Since this isn’t a recurring membership, you only pay one time to join & you’ll have access to any existing resources as well as all future resources at no additional cost.

However, the biggest, best resource are the other social media professionals inside the group (including Stephanie) that you can chat with at any time!

DO YOU host anything IRL or in person?

At this time, we are fully virtual. However, be sure to get on the list of find out about future CEO Yeah! retreats so we can hang out IRL!


We are always accepting blog submission & collaboration requests! Feel free to email us your blog or collaboration idea & we will get back to you if it’s a fit!