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The Social Media CEO Clubhouse is open 24/7 (and it’s always HAPPY HOUR).

This is where like-minded social media babes come to co-work, network & plan world domination.

Inspiration ✓ Authentic connections ✓ Virtual pizza parties ✓



Friends with benefits.


Can we be totally honest? We hate most Facebook groups.

We hate how spammy they can be.

We hate it when members lurk around & only participate when it’s time to self-promote.

We hate it when someone asks for help but instead of a legitimate answer they get 10 billion “PM me’” replies from folks trying to sell something in an internet alleyway.

Most Facebook groups are gross.

Which is why we’re committed to doing things differently.

We charge a one-time fee to cover the ongoing cost of managing our Clubhouse.

This enables us to provide Members with an experience that’s the opposite of gross.

It’s not your mama’s Facebook group. It’s a carefully curated club for women in the social media industry who want to create genuine connections with other women (and we have a strict no bullshit policy).


Clubhouse Member Benefits Include:

  • An Exclusive Social Media CEO Resource Library

  • Monthly Book Club

  • New Social Media Job Leads Sourced for You Every Month

  • Monthly FB Lives with Stephanie (AKA Virtual Pizza Parties)

  • A Network of Super Cool Social Media Lady Friends

  • Members Only Gift Sent to You in the Mail



New Leads = Hand Delivered.


We know the struggle is real when it comes to consistently marketing your business-- and who has the time to source new client leads on a regular basis?! The Social Media CEO is here to help a sister out, by hand-delivering the very best job leads to you every month.

Clubhouse Members will receive a list of the latest social media related jobs opportunities, hand-selected & vetted by our team, each & every month.  

Stop wasting time searching for ideal clients! Become a Clubhouse Member & we’ll take the busy work off your plate.

Well Read.

You like books. We like books.

The Social Media CEO Book Club is where we can nerd out over our favorite titles related to marketing, mindset, business & a dash of “woo”.

Pour yourself a ‘cuppa, curl up with our latest book pick & hop into the Clubhouse to discuss!


Find Your F*ck Yeah! by Alexis Rockley


The Secret Sauce.

Every month Clubhouse Members are invited to a virtual pizza party, AKA a high-value FB Live Broadcast. Grab a slice & hang out with Stephanie as she deep dishes on all things lady business with The Social Media CEO’s featured monthly guest. Topics include: mindset, leadership, working with ideal clients, scaling your biz to make more money, working with a team, oh… and pizza.