Why You Should List Your Social Media Services Pricing on Your Website

When I decided to scale my business & bring in a team to help me, I realized that the value I was offering with a team was definitely worth more than my current solo pricing. Not to mention, I now had to pay these team members-- so I’d need to bring in more money to make my business sustainable for all of us. 

I sat down & calculated the lowest monthly retainer amount that I would be willing to accept for the services my team provided. I decided that $1500 was my absolute minimum. 

Now, I’m definitely not saying that has to be your minimum, but as you work to scale your business, you should clearly define your baseline pricing. 

Once you’ve established your baseline, you should slap it up on your services page.

Why should you list your social media services pricing on your website? I’ll explain that in this video…

Once you have a monthly minimum retainer, you shouldn’t propose anything less than that amount moving forward. 

When I decided that I would no longer pitch myself for anything less than my minimums, I put my baseline prices directly on my website. 

My reason for this was simple-- I wanted to save myself the time & effort of talking with client leads who couldn’t afford (or didn’t want to spend) the minimum amount I was willing to do the work for. 

By placing my pricing directly on my site as a “... starting at $1500” or “... starting at $2500” rate, potential leads could land on my services page & qualify themselves immediately. 

By doing this I’m giving them TWO options. 

Either they will see my “starting at” pricing and QUALIFY themselves -- agreeing that they can move forward at those rates & fill out my contact form to chat more… 


They’ll see my “starting at” pricing and DISQUALIFY themselves because I don’t offer what they need or I’m outside of their budget, so they move on. 

Either way they’ve made things much easier on me. 

It takes time to communicate via email or phone calls-- and if it’s only to find out that a lead can’t afford to work with you or has an expectation outside of what you offer, that’s valuable time wasted. 

QUALIFYING YOUR LEADS will save you a lot of time & frustration. 

Now, it’s important to note that just because you offer premium-priced services and have a “qualifying minimum monthly retainer” that doesn’t mean you can’t also work with smaller brands & individuals on a case-by-case basis.

You can create customizable service offers based on the individual (as long as they fit your ideal client avatar) or add a few DIY digital products & courses to serve those with lower budgets.

You also don’t need to list your pricing on your website if you don’t want to. 

Instead, you can add a “Lead Qualifier” step into your initial email back to your lead. 

Once a new lead lands in your inbox the next step could be either:

  • Sending them an email response which contains a PDF outlining your services & pricing

  • Sending them to a password protected website page which lists your services & pricing

No matter how you decide to do it, QUALIFYING YOUR LEADS will ensure potential clients fully understand what it is that you can provide & what the minimum investment is before you take them through the rest of the process! 


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