The Difference Between a Social Media Proposal & a Social Media Strategy

Let me just get this out in the open: A Social Media Proposal is different than your Social Media Strategy. 

I feel like that’s important to share because I’ve seen a lot of social media managers make the mistake of giving away too much information & spending way too much time on their proposals-- only to have client leads disappear after they’ve delivered the information. 

If you’re giving your lead a completed Social Media Strategy then they should be paying you for a consulting or strategy session

Once they have a strategy, they could potentially implement all of your ideas themselves, or hire someone else to do it… so don’t accidentally give away your entire game plan for free! 

Check out this video to learn the difference between a proposal and a strategy & what you can do instead…

A complimentary Discovery Call is not a Consultation. 

It should be short & sweet, just enough to gather the information you need to build a Proposal. 

The Proposal shouldn’t take you hours either-- it’s a really good idea to have a template for these. 

That way, every time you hop off a Discovery call, you simply need to adjust your template based on the prospective client’s budget & desired services. 

Your Proposal of Service should only ever include a breakdown of the DELIVERABLES or SCOPE OF WORK-- not the actual Social Media Strategy. 


The STRATEGY is the HOW. 

The Social Media Strategy is delivered only AFTER the client has agreed to your terms & has paid their first invoice! 

For example: 

Your Proposal could list one of the deliverables (or the “what”) as :

3 Instagram Stories per week-- create 3 weekly branded IG stories based on determined branded content pillar, design & produce story content weekly, post branded Stories Highlights on profile based on a strategic content plan, report on key performance indicators for views, engagements & replies to Instagram Story content, measure / benchmark analytics, etc.

This lets the client know you will post a quantity of 3 IG stories based on strategic content buckets & that you will actively monitor the success of that content.

When you’re putting together the strategy (after they’ve signed on & paid to work with you) you can share more details about the kinds of stories you plan to share, why those will be important for helping meet the KPIs, examples of stories you’ve created in the past, how they work & exactly how you’ll determine, measure and report on the success of those stories. 

Make sense?

If you give away too much strategy-- you run the risk of making it sound simple enough that they may decide they could do it themselves (and we all know this isn’t necessarily true, but it happens) or they like your ideas and figure they can now get an intern to do the same thing! 

Of course, we know it’s always more expensive to hire an amateur than it is to hire an expert in the long run, but protect your business and your amazing ideas by either waiting to deliver strategies after a retainer client has agreed to your proposal, or by offering a one-time fee for a strategy session! 


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