The Social Media CEO Spotlight: Lizzie LaCour of Kinship Content

Lizzie LaCour’s road to becoming a Social Media CEO was one that she did not expect. After working in marketing for an emerging natural food brand, she realized she had a knack for social media. Wanting to break out of the 9-5 and have more flexibility and freedom, she chose to take the leap in 2018, which is where Kinship Content was born.

Lizzie enjoys the freedom that running your own SMCEO business offers, and appreciates working with various clients in the natural food, health, and wellness spaces. She believes social media can be used as a force for good and practices healthy boundaries (even for full-time social media managers!).

The Social Media CEO Spotlight: Lizzie LaCour

Tell us more about your social media business! What is your "elevator pitch"?

Kinship Content is a boutique social media and content studio that builds impactful brands within the natural food, health, and wellness industries.

How did you get started as a social media CEO? Give us a brief history, or your career trajectory --- what ultimately led you here?

I never thought I would be a social media CEO. I was also never someone that was “destined to work for myself” or with the “entrepreneurial spirit”. But after working in various 9-5 jobs, I hated the feeling that I did not have control over my own day. I wanted the flexibility and freedom to be able to design my own week and not have to ask if I needed to go to a doctors appointment or take a day off. I also wanted more freedom over my career decision and ultimately, my income.

So, after working on the brand side at a food start-up and learning a good deal about how social media can grow business, I decided to take the leap and quit in May of 2019 and have not looked back since.

What do you love about being a social media CEO?

I love the freedom. I love being able to design my day/week/month the way I see fit. I love that I have the ability to choose what I want to do, how I want to do it, and how much money I want to make. I also love being able to directly impact businesses that I truly believe in.

What is your biggest challenge as a social media CEO?

My biggest challenge is basically everything I said above. Being the boss means you have to make difficult decisions and you can’t really just coast by.

If you could give your younger self some words of wisdom, what would they be?

To be confident in being different and not afraid to voice what you know is right.

What are you most looking forward to in your business this year? 

Changing things up a bit. I am learning as I grow what I like and don’t like about running a social media business. I am slowly taking away certain services that do not light me up anymore and working towards services that do!

You work with brands that “give a damn” as you call it. Tell us what you mean by this and why you chose it.

So brands that give a damn are businesses and brands that care more about the bottom line of dollars and cents. Social media is awesome for a lot of reasons. But it can also suck for a lot of reasons too (hello comparisonitis?!)

It is all about how you use it, right?

So I want to use it as a force for good- which means supporting brands that are doing something to make the world a bit of a better place. Whether that be through give back programs, volunteering, or donating a portion of their profit to a cause that reflects their brand values.

Give us three brands you are loving on social media right now!

  1. @lishcreative - I love her work and have been following her success for some time. And she is an all around gem of a human.

  2. @misfitsmarket is a new discovery for me. They take the “misfit” produce that the grocery store rejects and sells it at 50% off of normal prices, making healthy food more accessible!

  3. @sweetgreen All the feels (can you tell I love the food industry?!).

#RealTalk We like to keep it real & even though you’ve obviously been successful in your business, can you remember a time when shit hit the fan, or when something you tried failed miserably? How you were able to bounce back or what that incident inevitably taught you?

When I first started my business, I was chasing income over what was right for my business (and sanity). I took on any and all clients I could and while it was probably to prove to myself that I could do this, it ultimately burnt me out hard and left me resenting my business. The business I had built to give me flexibility and freedom became a trap.

After dropping the clients that were not ideal or aligned with Kinship’s values (and hiring some help with Steph’s mentorship), I was able to get really clear on what brands and people I wanted to support and work with. I raised my prices (confidently), and slowly began to build the business I wanted again.

It inevitably taught me that chasing money and income should not be the goal. Aligning your core values with your business plan is what will keep you in the game and showing up without getting burnt out. And, when you do this, the money will inevitably come.


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