How to Prepare Your Social Media Clients for the Holidays

It’s beginning to look a lot like… oh sh*t, it’s almost the holiday season!

That’s right, it’s that magical time of year when people wave their credit cards in the air and scream “take my money!”... but if you + your clients aren’t prepared, with an organized marketing plan for social media, you could be leaving lots of cash on the table.

If your clients are anything like ours, they have a lot going on this time of year. They’re busy prepping their shops, planning their Black Friday Deals + making sure they have enough staff and inventory to help them get through the season.

No matter how organized your business is-- a disorganized client can quickly make your holiday a living hell.

So, how can you better prepare your business AND get your clients’ social media dialed in before the mad rush of holiday shoppers?!

Here are some of our favorite ways to usher your clients into the holiday season (in a way that leaves everyone extra jolly)…

How to prepare social media clients for the holidays

Prepare a “Fill in the Blank” marketing calendar.

Don’t wait around for your clients to send you their holiday promos + marketing needs. Remember, they have a lot going on already. If they end up forgetting to share information with you until the last minute, you’ll end up working overtime.

Instead, go ahead + prepare a marketing calendar (we like to use a simple spreadsheet via Google Sheets) which outlines the upcoming holidays. Then, send it over to your clients + have them fill in the info you’ll need for seasonal posts + campaigns.

Once you have advance notice of everything that’s coming up, you can synchronize your social media posts with all of their holiday promotions-- leading to more sales, and very happy clients!

Send an email reminding clients of your holiday business hours.

In addition to preparing a marketing calendar, you should also let your clients know if there will be any changes to your usual routine or ways of communicating over the holiday months.

Our team takes certain holidays off, so we make sure to send my clients advance notice of this, so they know when our remote team is in “the office” + when they expect us to reply back to any questions.

We also let them know the final dates that we will accept any content changes. This deadline clearly lets them know that we won’t be able to make any last minute updates after that period (because the team will be off, enjoying the holidays with friends + family).

Creating these boundaries is a good thing. This establishes clear expectations, while also letting our clients know that we care about our team, and honor our own down time!


Just download the template + share with your clients!

How to prepare your social media clients for the holidays: Free Email Swipe File

Prepare for the increase of customer service related issues on social media.

As you’re probably well aware-- more + more folks are using social media as the first (and most direct) way of communicating with brands and businesses.

We’ve seen way more customer service related communication via Facebook messages + Instagram DMs over the last year. And oftentimes, our social media team is responsible for responding to these comments, concerns, questions + complaints!

With an increase in business during the holiday season, comes an equal increase in customer service issues-- so make sure you partner with your clients to get an updated list of responses to the most frequently asked questions, return policies + promotional deadlines.

We create an FAQ / Common Questions document for each of our clients, so our team is always able to deal with issues that come across any social channels.

We also love that Instagram has introduced a super handy feature called Quick Reply -- which allows us to respond to those FAQs with the click of a button-- saving us tons of time + lots of headaches!  

How to prepare your social media clients for the holidays

So, there you have it-- 3 really easy ways to make the holiday season a breeze for both you and your clients!


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By getting ahead of these big seasonal shifts, you’ll not ensure you have a plan in place to get amazing results for your clients, but you’ll also be able to enjoy the holidays-- knowing you’ve got everything totally taken care of.