Our Favorite Books for Social Media Managers

Read any good books lately?

As female creative entrepreneurs, we’re always on the lookout for books that are inspiring, motivational, thought-provoking or informative. We’re keen on all things “woo” , and books that dive deep into things like spirituality, strengthening our mindset, or feature a strong female lead are very much our ‘cuppa tea.

We love books so much-- reading them…sharing them…discussing them-- that we started our own book club inside The Social Media CEO Clubhouse

Whether you’re looking for books about marketing, money, mindset, manifestation (or perhaps a topic that doesn’t begin with the letter M) we’ve got something for you!

Check out our picks below for some of our favorite books for social media managers…  

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The Social Media CEO: Our Favorite Books for social media managers

Friends don’t friends read alone.

Join us in The Social Media CEO Clubhouse to read along & discuss our monthly book with an engaged group of social media professionals! (It’s just one of the many perks of being on the inside…)

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