How We Created a Quiz to Connect with Our Audience & Grow Our Email List

If you’ve been hanging around on the internet for some time, you may have heard the phrase, “there’s magic in the list”.  It’s a reference to just how powerful an email subscriber list can be for your online business. 

At The Social Media CEO, we focus a lot of our marketing efforts on starting & building relationships on social media platforms like Instagram & Facebook.  

However, it’s also very important to us that we continually grow our email subscriber list-- this way we can provide even more value & create a deeper connection with our audience. 

Generally speaking, in order to get someone to hand over their email address (aka sign up for your newsletter or email list) you’ll need something valuable to incentivize them. 

We refer to this valuable offer as a lead magnet. 

A lead magnet can be something as simple as a coupon code or discount-- you see this pop up a lot when you land on the websites of your favorite e-commerce sites. 

You’ve probably also shared your email address with an online business at some point, in exchange for a free ebook, checklist, or other downloadable PDF-- these are all different forms of lead magnets! 

Lately we’ve been really excited about another fun way to connect with our audience, while simultaneously growing our email list, and that’s by creating a quiz with a platform called Interact! 

Our new quiz: “What’s Your Social Media Superpower?” allows visitors to discover the “secret” to their social media business’ success, based on their personality type. 

If you want to grow your email list for your own business, or if you’re providing email marketing services to your clients, pay attention-- because we’re sharing our exact process below to help you create your own quiz lead-magnet with Interact! 

How We Created a Quiz to Connect with Our Audience & Grow Our Email List

Deciding On Our Quiz Topic

The first thing we needed to figure out for our new lead magnet was what sort of quiz we wanted to make.  Interact provided a few different quiz categories to get the wheels turning, including personality quizzes, scored quizzes, and assessments. 

Our team loves those personality quizzes that you see in Cosmopolitan magazine or Buzzfeed like “Which Kardashian Are You?” or “Which Friends Couple are You & Bae?”... lol. 

We knew we could create something fun in this quiz genre for social media professionals, so we went with it! 

We landed on “What’s Your Social Media Superpower” because we wanted to share a quiz that rallied around each participant’s strengths. We also saw this as an awesome opportunity to provide them with some ideas for services to offer & team members to hire, based on their particular results!  

We started at the end (naturally) by mapping out the four different personality types which would become our “Social Media Superpowers”. 

We organized the 4 types by strengths (or superpowers) and created a story about who each of these social media professionals was. Then, we started brainstorming the quiz questions.

We wanted our quiz to be a good mix of both logical & fun/silly questions to keep things interesting.

We didn’t want our quiz to feel like taking the SAT’s, but we also wanted to make sure we would gain some key insights about our audience through their answers. 

For each of the 8 quiz questions, we connected the best possible answer for each of the 4 personality types. 

Once we had this all outlined on a Google Doc, we got to work on setting up our quiz in Interact! 

Setting Up The Quiz 

When you start setting up your quiz, Interact gives you the option to start from scratch or use one of their templates.

How We Created a Quiz to Connect with Our Audience & Grow Our Email List

We decided that starting with a pre-made template would save time, and we love being efficient! 

Plus, all of the templates are super customizable, so we were still able to update the one we chose to align with our business’ branding.  

How We Created a Quiz to Connect with Our Audience & Grow Our Email List

Once we were inside the template, we rebranded it by updating the cover image, changing the title of the quiz & the quiz description, then adding in our colors & fonts. 

How We Created a Quiz to Connect with Our Audience & Grow Our Email List 12.png

Then we updated the questions in the template by copying over the information we’d previously planned from our Google Doc. 

Once all of our questions & answers were in, we added in our results (the 4 personality types we came up for the final answers). 

How We Created a Quiz to Connect with Our Audience & Grow Our Email List 13.png

Next we went through each of the quiz answers and made sure the results correlated to the correct end result. 

Interact is an extremely intuitive platform, so it was actually super easy to set everything up!

How We Created a Quiz to Connect with Our Audience & Grow Our Email List 15.png

Integrating with our Email Service Provider

Once the quiz was ready to share, it was time to connect it to our email service provider, Convertkit. This is how we are able to use the quiz as a lead magnet to build our email list! 

Interact integrates with all of the major ESP’s, including Convertkit, so again-- the process to make them work together was super simple! 

Before connecting everything, we made sure to create a form for each of the 4 personality types within Convertkit. That way we could segment our list based on their personality type & tag each new subscriber with their specific quiz results. 

How We Created a Quiz to Connect with Our Audience & Grow Our Email List 19.png

Once we’ve tagged subscribers with their superpower, we’re able to send them highly customized content based on their specific answers!

Connecting to our Website

After testing the connection to Convertkit, it was time to add the quiz to our website and start promoting it everywhere! 

We wanted our quiz to be front & center, so we created a section on our homepage that visitors could easily click through to take the quiz. 

How We Created a Quiz to Connect with Our Audience & Grow Our Email List 20.png

We also created a plan to continuously share the quiz link on social media-- adding it to posts on Instagram, Stories, Facebook & even Pinterest in order to consistently build our email list. 

Overall, the entire quiz creating process was super smooth & we had so much fun putting all of the pieces together. 

The best part: our audience gets to have fun while learning more about themselves, and we gain more insight about where they are in their businesses (& grow our email list in the process!) It’s a win-win! 

Ready to create your own Quiz Lead Magnet with Interact? Sign up & create your first quiz now!