How to Get More Social Media Clients: Your Network = Your Net Worth

Every service-based business owner understands the metaphor of being on a hamster wheel-- that feeling of constantly chasing new leads, signing a client, celebrating for five seconds, then losing a client, freaking out, and getting back on the wheel again in order to chase down someone new.

While the hamster wheel approach might work for a while, it’s never going to get you where you want to go.

Instead of constantly running around in circles, wouldn’t it be nice if new clients were chasing you? If instead of spending all your time on the wheel, all you had to do was check your inbox?

Oh yeaaaa, the sweet freedom of finally being able to work on your business instead of in it…

But how do you keep new client leads coming in on the regular--without having to physically chase them down?

Activate your network.

We get by with a little help from our friends, and in an effort to help you finally hop off the wheel, here’s how you can use the people around you to increase your net worth & land more ideal social media clients.

How to Get More Social Media Clients: Your Network = Your Net Worth

Step One: Identify What You Do & Who You Do it For

Before you can ask your network to send you leads, you need to get super clear on who those leads are. Trust that if you skip this step, you will have your great aunt Carol sending you her 70 year old hairdresser because she needs help on “the internet” & your best friend will connect you with her boss’ wife who just started a clothing line for dogs.

Maybe both of these options are your ideal client.

But if you’ve niched your business to work with premium brands in the food & beverage industry, they most certainly are not.

By taking the time to determine who you’d like to be working with (and who you don’t) you can give your referral network a very specific target demographic, which should eliminate a lot of those leads that lead to well… nowhere.

Step Two: Activate Your Immediate Network

Start with the low-hanging fruit. Your friends, family members, coworkers (past / present), social media friends who you’re actively engaged with, etc. Networking is like building a spider web. You start with those key connections, and then it continues to expand out.

By getting in touch with your immediate network & letting them know you’re looking to grow your client list, you’ll eventually reach others that they’re connected to through word of mouth.

Scenario: Your great aunt Carol is getting her hair done & her 70 year old hairdresser mentions that her daughter just started a vegan cookie company and needs help. Aunt Carol remembers you saying that your company does social media marketing for food & beverage companies & gives her hairdresser your information to pass along… (that’s more like it aunt Carol!)

Step Three: Activate Your Current Client List

If you’re already working with ideal clients, you can ask them if they know others in the industry that they can connect you with. If they’re happy with the service you’re providing them, they’ll be especially pleased to mention your work to others (as long as they aren’t direct competitors of course--no one wants give away the secret family recipe).

For example, because you work with companies in the food & beverage space, your current clients will most likely be attending events & trade shows with others in that industry. By asking them to refer you to their network, you’re automatically getting access to highly targeted new leads.

Step Four: Create a Referral Program / Offer an Incentive

You can choose to offer anyone in your immediate network as well as your existing clients a referral bonus as an incentive for sending you new business.

By offering your client a discount on their services when you sign on a new client they’ve referred to you, or by paying your great aunt Carol 10% of the first month’s services when her hairdresser’s daughter signs on to work with you, you can motivate your network to spread the “gospel of you” more frequently.

Again, you’ll want to make sure that your network understands who it is you’re wanting to work with & the types of services you offer--this way they can send more quality leads your way.

Step Five: Stay Connected

It’s important that you keep in touch with your network & send them updates when you’re in the market for new clients. You can set this up as a quarterly check in or simply do it on an as needed basis.

Think about it: Instead of sending five million cold emails to potential clients who’ve never heard of you, you can activate your network by sending a single group message, asking them to send new potential clients to you and sharing an incentive.

This process is generally more well-received because people work with people they know-like-and-trust. These leads are coming to you after hearing about your work from a trusted source, so the entire process will be much simpler.

Step Six: Pay it Forward

As your network grows, you’ll probably establish connections with others who offer services (maybe even similar services to yours) who might also be looking for quality referrals on a regular basis.

In this case, you can create a “referral chain” with these other business owners, where you agree to share leads with one other.

If a client lead slides into your inbox who isn’t ideal-- pay it forward by passing it on to someone who you know does amazing work with those types of clients. Both parties will thank you (plus it conjures up some seriously good juju, AKA Client Karma).

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