How to Create Consistent Instagram Stories for Multiple Clients

As a social media manager you’re probably aware that consistently showing up & sharing engaging content in Instagram Stories is becoming more & more important. As organic reach on the average Instagram feed slowly declines into oblivion, Instagram Story views are at an all time high.

Obviously, the way folks are using the platform has dramatically shifted, which means a shift in your client’s overall Instagram strategy is also needed to reflect the change.

But planning, creating, posting & managing regularly scheduled Instagram Stories for multiple clients is no easy task. The juggle is very real.

How can you make the process of managing Instagram Stories for multiple clients easier on yourself & your team? We’ve got a few ideas…

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Templates, Templates & More Templates.

The increased importance of Instagram Stories has created a brand new category of “done for you” digital assets. With very little effort you can customize these templates in your client’s brand colors & fonts, and boom--you’re ready to post on social.

One of our favorite places to shop for templates is Creative Market.

They have one of the best selections of digital assets anywhere (plus they give you 6 FREE goodies every Monday just for signing up for their emails).

Investing in custom templates allows you to keep your client’s content consistent & on brand without taking up too much of your precious time.

Here are some of our favorites:

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Schedule Recurring Weekly Instagram Stories.

Showing up consistently on Instagram Stories doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel every time you plan to post. By choosing a few “content pillars” for each client (and having branded templates to go along with them) you can create a smoother Instagram Story workflow.

For example, your content pillars could be to share weekly tips, new products & promotions, and features in the press.

You can create Instagram Stories Highlights for each of these content pillars and decide on a weekly schedule--posting each type of story on a specific day. (ex. Tips on Tuesdays and Press Features on Fridays)

What’s even better is that apps like Later allow you to SCHEDULE your Instagram Stories in advance!

You don’t have to plan every single Instagram Story--you can definitely leave room for sharing in the moment. However, by knowing what you’re posting each week, planning your content in advance & creating a repeatable process, you’ll ensure your client’s Instagram Stories are always consistent.

Don’t Forget About UGC.

You don’t need to “create” every single one of your client’s Instagram Stories (yes, breathe in that deep sigh of relief!). UGC, or user generated content, is actually a really great way to shout out your client’s loyal customers as well as fill empty space on your Instagram Story schedule.

The key here is ensuring you have a process for collecting shout outs and tagged Instagram Stories before they disappear every 24 hours.

Our team uses an app to record Instagram Story mentions for each of our clients and then catalogues them into a Dropbox folder. Yes, this is a time-consuming manual process. However, this is incredible social proof to share with our clients--they love it! And we’re able to repurpose this content weekly into shout out stories & testimonials, leaving us one less Instagram Story to create from scratch!

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