5 Hour Workweek: How SMCEO Stephanie Gilbert Gets All of Her Client Work Done in 5 Hours or Less Each Week

When I first started my business, I thought I needed to be the one to do EVERYTHING for my clients. 

I was just so happy to get a paying client that I didn’t mind doing ALL THE THINGS, even if it meant I was sometimes working 13-14 hours a day to do it. 

These days, that is definitely not the case, and I’ve found a way to set my service-based business up so that it can nearly run without me, giving me back my free time while I’m still making money. 

On an average week, I’m able to get everything I personally need to get done for my social media clients in only about 5 hours per week!

Check out this video to see how I did it…

1 | I Started Outsourcing

Was it terrifying, yup. But it was 100% necessary if I wanted to have a life outside of my client’s social media tasks. By outsourcing daily tasks out to capable team members I started to buy back my time, and slowly but surely I was able to create a system that’s allowed me to only have to complete a small fraction of the things I used to do for my clients. 

2 | I Raised My Prices

Once I was working with a few team members, I raised my pricing to reflect the work of a team versus the work of a freelancer. Because there’s value added when more folks are able to respond, review, edit, communicate, etc— I was able to increase the output of work & afford to pay the people who I hired to help me. 

3 | I Created Systems

I set up streamlined, airtight systems to make it all work smoothly! Now my team and I have these systems NAILED & the things that used to take us forever, now take us next to no time! Because of these systems, we’ve intentionally engineered a way for me to step out of the day-to-day and into the bigger picture. Now Im responsible for reviewing the final product, but not getting it up to that point

By outsourcing tasks to capable contractors, pricing my services based on the value we provide, and creating streamlined systems, I now spend around 5 hours per week on client work!


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