5 Tips for Productive Discovery Calls

Let's talk Discovery Calls: getting on the phone with a potential new client can be super awkward (and maybe even a little stressful) right?!

Obviously you want everything to go well, because nailing this call might just end with you signing a brand new dream client.  

So how do you make sure your Discovery Calls go smoothly, every single time?

The key lies in the preparation.

And luckily for you we're sharing some of our favorite tips for preparing for & running epic Discovery Calls with your potential clients…

5 Tips for Productive Discovery Calls

Make Scheduling the Call Simple.

Use a calendar service like Acuity to let your potential clients book Discovery Calls automatically. Rather than ping-ponging emails back & forth to sort out a time & date to connect, you can use Acuity to set up predetermined "Discovery Call" time slots that coordinate with all of your other appointments on your calendar.

When a new lead slides into your inbox, simply send over your Discovery Call link & let them choose the day & time that works best for them. Easy-peasy.

Gather Intel on an Intake Form.

It’s always best to get a bit of information about your lead up front. You can do this via an Intake Form, which can also be set up via Acuity. Your lead will be prompted to fill out this form when they’re selecting a date for their Discovery Call.

By adding a few key questions to your Intake Form, you can find out what services your potential client is interested in & where they need the most help--this way you can prepare for the call with their specific pain points in mind.

Tip: Limit the number of questions you ask on an Intake Form to 4 or less. You don’t want to overwhelm a potential client, just gather a few bread crumbs to get you started.

Know Thyself.

Before you hop on a call, you will want to get clear on what makes your brand the best option for this client.

  • What results are you able to get?

  • What examples of prior work can you speak to?

  • Why is what you do important for them?

  • What's the promise you make to your clients when they decide to work with you?

Being clear on all of this ahead of time will allow you to confidently speak to the value your services provide-- plus it keeps you from getting thrown off when they're probing you with questions. By knowing exactly how your business provides value to clients via your services, you will be better equipped to sell your services without feeling slimy.

Practice Makes Perfect.

Your ability to lead a call confidently will help your new lead feel more at ease. The longer you’ve been in business & the more calls you lead, the more confident you will likely become. Over time, Discovery Calls will feel like riding a bike!

However, if you're just getting started it can be intimidating-- so having a script & practicing your "pitch" for services can help you build confidence! ⠀

Try role-playing a Discovery Call with someone on your team or with a friend, having someone ask you things a potential client might ask & get feedback on your responses.

Next Steps.

Always know how you plan to close the call. What are the next steps? When will the lead hear from you again? Let your potential client know what they can expect once the call is over-- then make good on those promises. If you tell them to expect to hear from you in 48 hours, make sure they do.

By closing the call with a clear set of next steps you can successfully manage your potential client’s expectations while showcasing clear communication & your ability to follow through... it’s the beginning of a beautiful, healthy client relationship!

When it comes to running a social media business, nothing feels better than closing a new client-- so use these tips to make sure you're 100% prepared the next time you hop on a call!

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