The Social Media CEO Spotlight: Chris Emmer of Sweaty Wisdom

When we decided upon a May theme of self-care in The Clubhouse, it was a no-brainer asking Chris Emmer to be our featured member.

Chris is the Social Media CEO of Sweaty Wisdom, which teaches "social media with soul" and advocates for balance and healthy boundaries when it comes to social media (can we get a HELL YEP?!).

Not only that, she recently launched a second business: Biz Babysitters- to help new mom CEOs get the time off they deserve through social media and inbox management.

Read on to learn about Chris’ Social Media CEO journey and how she does it all with a baby in tow.

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Tell us more about your social media business! What is your "elevator pitch"?

Sweaty Wisdom provides organic, BFF-style social media strategy and education for female business owners DIY-ing it. My brand-spankin' new business, Biz Babysitters, gives business owners the freedom to log off completely during their maternity leave (or on epic vacays) through social media and inbox management.

How did you get started as a social media CEO? Give us a brief history, or your career trajectory --- what ultimately led you here?

In no particular order, I’ve… waitressed at Chili’s, been a college professor, worked at a design agency in the Swiss Alps, taught yoga, been the only female creative on a global advertising account, built websites for bloggers, sold mugs on Etsy (and even got one on Oprah!), ran meditation workshops, and been a social media manager. 😂

It’s not a linear path, but I’ve always followed where my gut told me to go. In short... graphic design 👉 digital strategy 👉social media strategy and big corporate 👉smaller agency 👉solo-preneur 👉 CEO.

What do you love about being a social media CEO?

The flexibility and creativity – I love learning about my client's businesses and helping them develop a totally custom, completely unique social strategy that feels both authentic and do-able. I also love the community. I can open Instagram and connect with incredible people doing amazing things all over the ‘effing planet within seconds. That's pretty damn amazing.

What is your biggest challenge as a social media CEO?

Drawing clear boundaries on work time and play time.

If you could give your younger self some words of wisdom, what would they be (does not have to be business related!)?

Slow the F down. Less doing, more being. And, um, please start with a good eye cream much earlier.

What are you most looking forward to in your business this year?

My new business! In my complete whopping failure of a maternity leave last June (I was checking client's social accounts literally hours after a c section), I found my soul purpose... to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else. So I started a new business that is so damn aligned with my soul, I want to scream it from the mountaintops.

Biz Babysitters supports female business owners in their maternity leave through social media and inbox management, giving them the freedom to log off completely, knowing their biz baby is in good hands. I created the thing I needed most and, honestly, I've never been more excited about the difference I know this can and will make.

(Psssttt... DM me if you want to talk more about @bizbabysitters or your postpartum experience as a business owner.)

You teach "social media with soul" and advocate for balance and healthy boundaries when it comes to social media. Can you talk about what led you to be passionate about this topic?

At one point in my career, I was simultaneously running a social media business and teaching yoga. I felt such a gross disconnect between the two – I'd go from guiding a grounding meditation to frantically replying to comments on client's posts between classes. I knew there had to be a better way and I became hell-bent on finding the middle ground between these two seemingly opposite worlds.

As a SMCEO, we both know it is hard sometimes to "turn off", unplug, and take a break from the social media world (even though we know how important it is!). What is your favorite way to unplug and recharge and how often do you do it?

A daily habit is to leave my phone in another room from after dinner in the evening until after my morning meditation. I used to scroll-scroll-scroll while breastfeeding in the middle of the night or wind up checking my email before my feet even touched the floor.

If you don't intentionally create "logged off" time, it will always feel like you're working. And that feels like a hot pile of garbage.

Another fun one is to identify your biggest temptation apps (looking at you, Instagram) and move them a page over from your home screen. It's the tiniest thing, but not having them right in your line of vision makes a huge difference.

You've build a successful social media business-all while being a new mom, advocating for less "hustle" and creating more time for self-care. Can you give our community of SMCEO's a few tips on finding a healthy balance while running a successful social media business?

1. Unfollow any accounts that make you feel like garbage. Clean up your digital space just like you clean up your physical space. Marie Kondo that shit.

2. Get honest with yourself about your social media habits. Are you phone-out-zoneout laying in bed at night then curious why you can't fall asleep? Spending girls night out secretly refreshing your IG under the dinner table? Be intentional and mindful with your social media time (or it can be a major energy vampire).

3. Find your OWN voice. What works for others won't work for you and that's actually awesome. Drop the comparison game and double down on what makes you you.

4. Let go of the feeling you need to post or story every cool thing that happens. Some moments are meant for just you, keep those sacred.

Give us three brands you are loving on social media right now!

  1. @chillhouse

  2. @adamjk

  3. @thehappynewspaper

#RealTalk We like to keep it real & even though you’ve obviously been successful in your business, can you remember a time when shit hit the fan, or when something you tried failed miserably? How you were able to bounce back or what that incident inevitably taught you?

I'll always remember a hiking trip I took with my now husband a week before I launched my first course, Social Media with Soul. We were in an isolated area with no wi -fi (GASP!) and rather than embracing it, I was frantically checking for Internet everywhere we went so I could check on client's posts.

I remember the heavy feeling of "Why did I get into this industry if I can never log off?" It's funny because that feeling is the root cause of so much of the work I do now. Most of "miserable failure" moments of my career can be directly connected to something really beautiful that grew directly out of them. for a fun one....what is the last thing you google searched?

GG sprinkle balls 😂 I'll leave it at that.


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