Clubhouse Membership

Clubhouse Membership


Clubhouse Member Benefits Include:

  • An Exclusive Social Media CEO Resource Library

  • Monthly Book Club

  • New Social Media Job Leads Sourced for You Every Month

  • Monthly FB Lives with Stephanie (AKA Virtual Pizza Parties)

  • A Network of Super Cool Social Media Lady Friends

  • Members Only Gift Sent to You in the Mail

You only pay a one-time fee to become a Clubhouse Member, but you can stay for as long as you want!

👉 Get the same benefits, every month.

👉 Get your Members Only gift in the mail.

👉 Get 24/7 access to a growing community of social media talent.

Grab Your Glasses, We’ve Got Some Fine Print:

If you just aren’t vibing with our community, you can take your money & run within 7 days of joining. No questions asked. Just email us to request your refund. Keep in mind that you will not receive the gift if you cancel membership, we’ll send those goodies out after the 7 day probationary period has ended.

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